Telephone: 01724 857639

Scunthorpe Foodbank

Scunthorpe Foodbank is hosted within St George's Church every Wednesday from 1pm to 2.30pm.

The Foodbank is operated in partnership with friends and colleagues from Scunthorpe Baptist Church and Crosby Together and it works on a voucher referral system.  To receive Foodbank assistance you will need to present a voucher from one of the referring agencies - see for more information.

If you cannot make it to the Foodbank Centre within St George's you can visit the main centre at Scunthorpe Baptist Church on a Monday or Thursday afternoon from 1pm to 2.30pm.

90% of items distributed by Scunthorpe Foodbank come from public donations and we urgently need more food stuffs for the parcels.  Can you donate any of these items?

Urgently needed

UHT Milk

Potatoes: Instant Mash or Tinned

Tinned Fruit

Small/medium jars of coffee

Tinned or packet custard

Bottles Fruit Squash/juice

Tinned hot and cold meat

Rice Pudding

Tinned tomatoes

Breakfast Cereal


Pasta Sauce

Dried Pasta and Rice


We've got plenty of Baked Beans and Soup at present - thank you!

You can bring donations to St George's Church Office between 10am and 11.30am on a Wednesday or after our Sunday morning services, which usually finish at Midday.  Alternatively, drop them into the adjoining Crosby One Centre - Telephone 01724 277757 to check that someone is available.  You can also take donations to the main centre at Scunthorpe Baptist Church on Ashby Road.

******* CHRISTMAS HAMPERS *******

Can you contribute to Christmas Hampers for foodbank clients? We're collecting the following items at St George's Church until the end of November, in readiness for hamper preparation during December:

Gravy granules


Christmas Pudding

Brandy Sauce

Christmas Cake/Log

Mince Pies

Angel Delight


Tinned cream, e.g. Carnation

Boxes of biscuits

Boxes of chocolates

Savoury snacks, e.g crisps, nuts, pretzels

Bottles of Schloer

Christmas Crackers

Toiletry sets

No family should have to worry about food at Christmas and your donations will make a real difference during the season of peace, love and goodwill. Bring donations to St George's on a Wednesday morning or after our Sunday services, which finish at 11.45am.