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Reverend Julie Wearing writes...

VICAR’S CHATTERBOX, 14th March 2020

Preparations for Easter continue at a pace. This week has been a week of receiving Amazon deliveries to make up the Easter kits for church members, but also for the 1500 kits that will be going to the children across the 3 primary schools in Crosby. We are working with Connect Church, Crosby again to provide these kits, which will be compiled on Thursday (18th) and Friday (19th) this week. If you have some free time to volunteer, please let me know.

St George’s Holy Walk at the Vicarage is continuing to grow with the Stations of the Cross posters, and Patrick kindly drew up some prayers for our community to add to each of the stations. Thanks Patrick! Thanks too, to our deacons, as they take up the mantle for leading the lay-led Zoom services for not just Holy week, but also to commemorate the anniversary of the national lockdown with a service of prayer. These services, like most of the others in Holy Week, will be in collaboration with St Lawrence’s and All Saints. Information about them will be on the websites, social media and in the kits sent to church members.

It is ‘TEAMS’ in school (as opposed to Zoom) and so we have planned an Easter service during which we will be commissioning Mrs Patricia Atkinson into her new role as Headteacher at Scunthorpe C of E primary school. Prior to this, I will be meeting with the individual classes via TEAMs sessions so the children can ask me questions about who I am and what I do. I am so excited to be able to meet some pupils and looking forward to the time I can meet them in person.

This week was also the 2nd Consultation with respect to ‘Resourcing Sustainable Church’. This is the initiative trying to resolve the way forward for the church missionally in light of current/future finances. The evening was to provide a forum for discussion following an extensive document (60+ pages) that had been sent out. This is effectively a 5 year plan of how the churches can grow through discipleship and mission and simultaneously address the reality that current finances will only support about 80 stipend priests across the diocese. A large part of the reduction in clergy will come naturally through retirement, but there will be minimal recruitment during that time. It answered many questions, but it also raised many questions as these initiatives often do. As it is early days, it is a strategic document,with the local implementation and more specific details to occur through local discussions. Following comment received during the meeting and subsequent feedback, a report will be submitted to Diocesan synod in April. If anyone would like more detail, I am happy to chat, or arrange a parish Zoom meeting to discuss.

Looking forward, watch out for me being out and about in the parish with PC 1697 Joshua Sunman, on Tuesday morning between 10am and 11am.

Have a blessed week, Revd Julie

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