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Reverend Julie Wearing writes...

VICAR’S CHATTERBOX, 17th April 2020

Today (Saturday) the church is open to light a candle and say a prayer for HRH Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip. A chance to offer a prayer in thanksgiving for the gifts he shared: his dignified and constant presence in supporting the Queen and the contribution to so many. His encouragement of young people to develop their personal skills and leadership abilities with the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme is just one of the many reasons to recognise his dedication in service to others, whether you are a royalist or not.

As Christians we are called to a life of service, and here is a life that epitomises that, in an understated way. Let’s all share a prayer of thanks for fruit of the life of Prince Philip and for the Queen, Royal family and friends in their loss. The bell too, was tolled during thehour prior to his funeral. Thanks to everyone that enabled the church to be open and the bell to be rung.

During the last week, I managed a few days away, rest and recuperation, a small camp site in Lincolnshire that I visit often. It was great to meet up with the owners and a friend came out to visit too: lunch al fresco and then a walk to work off the indulgences of lunch. A bit cool at times, but it was great to get back on the bike and start walking again. The laziness of the last few months in terms of commitment to exercise meant my legs were screaming and the time I could spend on the bike, relatively short. Some reading and knitting filled in the gaps…

Spending time in this way, gives a chance to stop, reflect and look forward. Although Covid19 rates are still relatively high in North Lincolnshire especially in relation to other parts of the country, the implementation of the vaccination programme (and some of ourmembers have been fully vaccinated now) and the overall drop in the R factor means we are working towards opening up as a church to the community again in a slow and measured way. The APCM in May will give a view as to what this might look like in the short term, but there will also be the need to look at what St George’s will look like in the long term. Please keep Sat 2 October free in your diary to have your say.

In the meantime, please do think and pray about how you might get involved at St George’s. What gifts do you have? We all have gifts to share with others as part of God’s call on our lives as Christians. Not sure how to use them in the life of the church? Thenplease contact me for a chat. One way you can help shape the way forward for the church and looking after the interests of St George’s in the community is by being on the PCC. PCC members are elected every year, most PCC members have offered to stand for another year, but not all. We currently have at least one vacancy. Not sure what it is all about? Ask an existing PCC member or ring me for a chat.

Lastly, the stations of the cross will be coming down next weekend, so this will be the last chance to wander round them, although the cross representing the Resurrection (that Jesus Christ rose from the dead) will remain standing for now.

Have a blessed week, Revd Julie

Alleluia, Jesus Christ is risen. He is risen indeed, Alleluia.

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