Vicars Chatterbox

Vicars Chatterbox

Reverend Julie Wearing writes...

Reverend Julie continues her weekly chatter box with this entry for Sunday 2nd August...

This week I set up my Facebook page: Reverend Julie, St George’s - - many of you have already found it, but I have popped the URL in the ‘contact details’ section of the update sheet, so please come and have a look. I plan, amongst other things, to map the progress of my wild garden (to be?) as and when there are changes. I have already shared a few photos along with which animals I am seeing. I hope ultimately to use the garden for ministry, by inviting some of the local children like Rainbows and Brownies to come and have a look and build bug houses (although this is a little way off yet). I am currently waiting for a date for when the mechanical digger will arrive so the next phase of preparing the garden can begin. I am very grateful to Simon, a volunteer who came to put an end to the prolific weed growth.

Literally as I am writing this, Boris Johnson has announced that face coverings will become mandatory in churches and places of worship. I have put information about this separately in the update sheet but if you are worried about this or have any questions, then please do get in touch with me or the churchwardens. This week’s service: face masks are optional but encouraged, especially if walking around; so if you have not quite got yourself sorted yet, then we understand.

This week, the sun has shone, so I went exploring on my bike in the sun on Thursday – out to Appleby and Winterton. Just a short ride, as my legs have not seen the bike much this year. Today, Friday, there is more sunshine so a spot of garden visiting was in the schedule.

Next week on Tuesday evening (4th August) at 7pm will be the first of ‘7 Mission Zooms’ based on the 7 marks of a Healthy Church (Robert Warren- Healthy Churches Handbook). The 7 sessions are: energised by faith, outward-looking focus, seeks to find out what God wants, faces the cost of change and growth, operates as a community, makes room for all and does a few things and does them well. Each session will comprise of an opening prayers and then look at a bible passage or two and then we will look to answer some questions. There is no right or wrong answer, it is about exploring together where we think the church is currently at. After each session, we are looking to score the church from 1-6, (1=low, 6=high) so we can assess where we may need to grow. Like anything and anyone, it likely to be better in some areas rather than others. If we identify where we need to grow that can be part of our plan to build upon our existing foundation. Please join me. Alternatively, if you want to do the exercise at home or are unable to access Zoom, then please feel free to send your feedback in via an alternative route.
Have a good week, God bless you, Revd Julie


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