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Reverend Julie Wearing writes...

VICARS CHATTERBOX for 21st February 2021

This weeks chatterbox includes a link to the Give Hope campaign, endorsed by the Bishops of the Church of England. Give Hope is about encouraging all members of the community to have faith in the Covid19 vaccines and dispel the misinformation that may undermine confidence. Please read on....

On Friday night, those who have shown interest in the Lent course watched ‘I, Daniel Blake’ – a film based on someone trying to navigate the social justice system. The film does not just catch the impact on Daniel’s life but also on a single mother, Katie and her 2 children. The film shines a spotlight on the tragic reality of a system inhumanely implemented alongside the beauty of human kindness. It is a film that cannot help but have an impact on you as you watch it. Those who watched the film are looking forward to participating in the associated Lent course ‘Nothing more, Nothing Less’: you don’t need to see the film to be able to join the course as the relevant excerpts will be shown. course, to discuss the reality that is depicted by this film. Join us on Wednesdays, starting this Wednesday at 7pm

Last Tuesday was Shrove Tuesday, better known to us as pancake day, a time of feast before the famine. Traditionally emptying the cupboards of what was then luxury items, of eggs, butter, sugar, and cream, which today are more like everyday essentials. It was ridding oneself of the temptations before entering a time of fasting, almsgiving and prayer. This period of time begins with Ash Wednesday which we marked with an Ash Wednesday Eucharist Service. During this service there is an extended act of contrition as we repent of the things we have not got right and ask God’s help in moving forward. This act of contrition and commitment is marked by the ash of a cross on foreheads with the words:

Remember that you are dust and to dust you shall return.

Turn away from sin and be faithful to Christ.

This year, as with many other things, the service was a little different. Held on Zoom, we had a joint service with St Lawrence’s and All Saints lead by Revd Philip Brent, with their deacon, Julie Miles, as preacher. Ashes were sent out to our church members prior to the service, so every one could be involved in the service. It was an excellent service with 57 on Zoom, a blessing that we can still meet together. For those not on Zoom, a service sheet was provided with the Ash that could be done on their own or with their household, or even with someone else over the phone. Hope to be in church for Easter – conditions permitting!

On Monday, we had a meeting of Churches in North Scunthorpe- which has sadly declined in interest even before Covid. A decision was made to disband the group in favour of individual churches then expressing interest being ‘United with Christ’ with other churches across North Lincolnshire. Since the churches came together to pray for the steelworks in 2018, there have been further prayer and praise meetings. Additionally, the support to ministers and pastors of the various churches has grown through the pastors’ (now Zoom) breakfast supported by communication through a WhatsApp group. It is proposed that going forward this will be known as ‘North Lincs Churches Together’. A document has been circulated which describes what has in effect been happening for the last couple of years, which as a church we plan to sign up to, recognising we come together ‘united in Christ’.

Finally, a word about vaccination. The Bishops have got together to support the NHS #GiveHope campaign encouraging everyone who can have the vaccination to do so, challenging the misinformation and lack of trust that has been circulating around the vaccine. Please join in and encourage others to have the vaccine. The campaign aims are:

H ave a conversation, O ffer information, P ractical support, E ngage - and share.

For video and information visit:

Hope you are keeping well and saying ‘yes’ to the vaccination if you can, Blessings Revd Julie

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